This page displays all the current/effective and upcoming (with 12 hours) airspace restrictions and reservations on the IVAO network, in all active divisions and division-less countries. The data is sourced from the centralised NOTAM system and is updated once every several minutes. For information on airspace restrictions and reservations refer to chapter 9 and appendix 3 of SO Regulations.

Per paragraph 1.2.1 of SO Regulations, aircraft shall not be flown in a prohibited area, or in a restricted area, the particulars of which have been duly published in divisional SO Order or IVAO NOTAM system, except in accordance with the conditions of the restrictions.

Airspace restrictions and reservations are imposed for the purposes of confining certain potentially hazardous SO activities to these areas in order to safeguard civil aviation (1) and to provide clear volumes of airspace for SO flights without presence of civil aviation during their activation periods (2). Airspace restrictions and reservations are establised by divisional authorities and HQ-SOD for some SO events and tours, for certain regular (day-to-day) individual SO flights, and on requests from SOGs.