The present regulations drafted here is the regulations in force ALA 23 Virtual and serious breach reason enough for the immediate expulsion of the ALA 23 Virtual.

Art 1. Lack of respect for a member of the ALA 23 or the Staff Virtual is considered a very serious offense, so the Member who breaches that article would be expelled.

Article 2. To stay in the ALA 23 Virtual is needed services and / or operations at the least four times in a month, they can be followed or interspersed but always within the same month and within a reasonable time.

Art 3. Lack of assistance has to communicate with at the least 24 hours in advance, failure to communicate the lack of assistance or communicate more than two absences in that month, it would be violating the rules and thus be expelled to the Member of the ALA 23 Virtual.

Art 4. All pilots Virtual ALA 23 must obtain flight certification, who does not obtain such certification can not operate in the ALA 23 Virtual.

Art 5. Pilots are performing a flight and should be controlled access channel ATC MUTE so that they are not interrupted.

Art 6. ALA 23 Virtual send emails to all members and published on this website active missions for the near future, all are bound to these read emails and publications on the page, who do not do not be to the both operations and exercises Virtual ALA 23, the Staff is not obliged to repeat their work via Wassapp since their work is mailed and published on the web, it is the responsibility of the pilot to comply with the provisions.

Art 7. Punctuality and have everything ready for the mission, flight and / or operation is paramount and it must be fulfilled as a rule not to affect the other riders.

Art 8. People who are late to the Briefing not undertake the flight and was counted as poor attendance and would apply Article 2 and 3 if this has exceeded those articles.

Art 9. The drivers have to have everything ready for flight before the briefing, such as: Route, Flight Plan, Aircraft List Ground Handling etc, who do not have everything ready to leave on time will apply Article 2, 3 and 8.

Art 10. The courses for certification will be posted on this website to indicate: Date, Time, Place, Aircraft and exercise to be performed and as a rule the Staff is not adapted to the pilot, if not the pilot has to adapt to settled down.

Art 11. From these regulations permit leave of absence granted to drivers shall not exceed the month of duration, if such leave would last more than a month the toilet pilot would have to abandon the ALA 23 Virtual to which he could return if he square, It would otherwise have to wait for new calls.

Article 12. Use of the Discord will treat it morally and professionally, since this legislation this lack of control is prohibited, lack of respect for other justified peers or unjustified mind and comments as they are liable prankster, one thing is spending a good time in the company and another thing is exceeded.

Article 13. Failure to comply with the rules of IVAO is considered a very serious offense and the driver who contravenes these regulations either those of the ALA 23 IVAO Virtual or be expelled.

Art 14. All members are required to meet these regulations, if so the proper functioning of the ALA 23 Virtual be correct.

Art 15. All flights must be flown ONLINE and reported with SimAcars not being validated but these two premises are true.

Art 16. All flight using the SLEW mode (Y) is detected will be rejected and deleted. Continued use may involve direct expulsion.

Art 17. All flights should reservase previously accepting charter flights, unless otherwise indicated.

Art 18. By the nature of aircraft to be used for flight, reports should be consistent.

Art 19. strictly prohibited performing flights without pilot control for flight hours, leaving the judgment of the directive expulsion of the pilots who perform these actions remains.

Art 20. The use of software without the corresponding license, pirated software or the promotion of pirated software will be severely punished and will mean expulsion for life.

Art 21. Use of Weapons

  • The use of any form of weapon against any civilian object, structure, aircraft, or individual, whether this is explicit or implicit is strictly prohibited. It is also strictly prohibited for participants of Special Operations Events that involve the use of weapons to use them against any other traffic which is not partaking in that event.
  • The use of any form of weapons are only authorised inside designated special areas that have been published on the IVAO data system and have been declared as a “Weapon Range” by the corresponding Divisional Special Operations Staff.
  • A user may only use weapons when operating within the airspace of the Division as stated on their profile. Exemptions to this are as follows;
    • The user is participating in a Divisional or International Special Operations Event.
    • The users have obtained permission from a Division other than their own to operate Special Operation flights in that Division, and the user’s VID has been published in the Division’s Special Operations Order.
    • The users are in a division that has declared that permission is not required, and this is stated on the Division’s Special Operations Order.
  • The final authority on the use of weapons within a Division is the decision of the Divisional Special Operations Staff by establishing, or not establishing, a range.

Note: ALA 23 Virtual reserves the right to: Change and / or add items of legislation without notice. If so all members will be notified once it has finished drafting the legislation.

Admission Rules

  • Over 16 years old
  • Have a minimum of 50 hours in IVAO
  • Have availability to attend the training that is given on Saturdays
  • Minimum knowledge of military aviation

Rules for Instructors

  • Over 16 years old
  • Have a minimum of 100 hours in IVAO
  • Have flown a minimum of 100 hours with the F5
  • Have availability to attend the training that is given on Saturdays
  • Minimum knowledge of military aviation
  • Have or be in a position to obtain the PP degree in IVAO in the 6 months following their incorporation as an Instructor